Do you find yourself wishing you had brought your ridiculously expensive archery target inside after a snowstorm or unexpected downpour? Do you have to purchase new targets every year because they get ruined by the weather or sun? Stop throwing away money because you left your target in the yard without protection from the elements. Get a Target Tarp Block Saver.

The Target Tarp Block Saver not only protects your archery targets, it will save you money. For a fraction of the cost of any shape or size target, the Block Saver fits comfortably around the target to help protect it from fading and cracking due to snow, rain and UV rays.

The Target Tarp Block Saver comes with a matching Stuff Sack, making it easy to carry or store.

Available in a small and large size, the Target Tarp is compatible with an array of shapes and sizes of targets. The small fits most small- to medium-sized block or bag-type targets, as well as turkey- and varmint-sized targets. The large Target Tarp fits most medium- to large-sized block and bag-type targets.

Designed specifically for covering block, bag and small-game targets, Block Saver will save you money and the hassle of replacing targets season after season.

The lightweight target cover will provide completely covered protection of your targets. The Target Tarp Block Savers, equipped with fastening straps, are the perfect gift for the hunter that has everything.

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