MOJO Outdoors Release Waterfowl GPS app for iPhone and Android


MOJO Outdoors announces the release of a new, exciting and useful Waterfowl themed GPS app for both IPhones and Androids.

If you have been searching for a GPS solution to meet all your needs in the field, we have great news! This is the Hunting App you have been looking for built by folks who know a thing or two about Waterfowl. We have provided a total hand-held solution for navigating all terrains and all marine environments at a price cheaper than 1 box of shells!

Off_the_Grid_Google_PlayDesigned specifically for waterfowl hunters with features such as:

  • MOJO Maps
  • MOJO Off The Grid (GPS without cell signal)
  • MOJO Legal Shooting Alarm
  • MOJO Duck Identification
  • MOJO Waterfowl Mapping
  • MOJO Weather Pro
  • MOJO Auto-Journal
  • US Migratory Bird Regulations
  • MOJO Sharing
  • MOJO Connect
  • MOJO Support


There is so much in this app to help you in the field. We even provided a flashlight and the camo mirror for making it easy to apply the war paint.  Available for both Android and Apple phones

MOJO also offers a LITE version for “FREE” if you would like to try us out before stepping up to the “PRO” version


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