B.U.P. Sports Brings the MINI SHIELD HD Out of the Box


B.U. P. Sports, maker of the SHIELD archery backstop launched the SHIELD in the summer of 2013 to be used as an archery backstop behind the target to stop arrows.  They now have been thinking “out of the box” and bring you a light weight extremely portable target, The MINI SHIELD HD.

The new MINI SHIELD HD is perfect for any hunter hitting this back country this fall with bow or cross bow.  At 14” x14”x 3” the Mini SHIELD HD is very compact. It fits in your bow case, can be used as a seat cushion on stand.  Rated for 360 fps. It stops cross bow bolts from as little as 5 yards.  Also perfect for any back country camp, where you have to go light or may have to hike or fly in.

B.U. P. Sports also makes the SHIELD archery backstop. The SHIELD is a lightweight, portable, durable backstop designed to stop errant arrows, increase confidence, offer protection and saving you money from lost or broken arrows.  2” thick and weighing about 1.5 lbs. per sq. foot. Constructed from a proprietary industrial grade padding with several layers of stopping power, The SHIELD has been tested stop all arrows to 320 f.p.s. (field tips only) It allows for easy arrow removal, great for behind 3D targets, in the backyard, garage, basement, or at the archery club.  The SHIELD comes in all sizes from 3’x4’ to up to 6’X14’.  Also available is the Huntin’ Is Good! edition

For more information about sizes and optional offerings of The SHIELD, visit B.U.P. Sports at www.bupsports.com. You can also find B.U.P. Sports on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BUPSports.  For additional info email [email protected]


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