Prevent Targets from Rotting with the Target Tarp 3D Archery Target Cover


Do you find yourself buying new 3D targets each season because your old ones rotted away? If so, it’s time to stop wasting both money and targets.

The Target Tarp, which is designed specifically for covering and protecting your 3D targets, will not only save you money, but the time and hassle of replacing your targets again and again.

The Target Tarp, which is made out of polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating, comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit most targets.

Thanks to the Target Tarp, you won’t have to haul your heavy target in and out of storage to protect it from the elements. Leave it out and let the Target Tarp do its job.

Thanks to its protective UV and water-resistant design, the Target Tarp keeps your 3D target from fading and cracking due to wind, rain, sun and snow.

With multiple tie-downs, the Target Tarp can accommodate most models of targets, such as a strutting turkey, whitetail buck, goat and bighorn-shaped targets.

In fact, the Target Tarp fits most 3-D targets up to 45 inches long — chest to rear.

The lightweight Target Tarp not only protects your targets from the elements, but it will deter rutting bucks from destroying them as well.

The Target Tarp, available in camo or olive, comes complete with a matching stuff sack, making it easy to carry anywhere. Its four size options, small through x-large, make it compatible with an array of different shapes and sizes of targets.

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