Waterford Press Introduces Survival Guides to Help Americans Be Prepared for Weather-related Disasters


Weather-created disasters are increasingly in the news, leaving devastation in their wake; a tragic reminder of how ill-prepared most households are for a worst-case scenario. Today, 75 million Americans are currently under threat of severe weather. Although preparing for a tornado like those that claimed 29 lives in a band stretching from Oklahoma to Alabama this week is virtually impossible, homeowners and residents in disaster-prone areas can take some measures that will help them stay safe, and at the very least, be poised to recover to the best extent possible after a disaster.

With uncanny timeliness, noted reference guide publisher Waterford Press releases today its newest line of folding guides, Urban Survival, to succinctly address what to do before, during and after major natural disasters. Based on FEMA guidelines, the guides are specific to the four natural disasters that occur regularly across the USA. Titles include Earthquake Survival, Flood Survival, Hurricane Survival and Tornado Survival.

Each Urban Survival Guide focuses on what to do before, during and after an event, with a focus on creating a simple preparedness plan to ensure the safety of all family members. In addition, the guides feature QR codes that allow users to connect to the key emergency response sites, including the Red Cross and FEMA.

Weather events are happening more frequently and on a larger scale. Public agencies do their very best but with increased demand, they, too, are overwhelmed. The individual’s role in preparedness is increasingly important and Waterford Press is doing its part to put the information people need in their hands in the settings where they can do something about it.

The Urban Survival Guides will be available in Walgreens, True Value Hardware Stores, Tractor Supply Stores and hundreds of other bookstores around the country and online. These Pocket Guides retail for $6.95 and are available publisher-direct at www.iWatchWildLife.com. Visit www.waterfordpress.com for a full product list.

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