RIO Products Adds the Indicator II to its Trout Series


RIO Products, industry-leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders, and tippet material, continues to advance its popular trout series with the new Indicator II fly line.

Designed to cast heavy indicator rigs with ease, the Indicator II has an aggressive, short front taper with an extra long head for the ultimate in fly control and mending, while the high-viz, high floating tip helps spot subtle takes. RIO’s DualTone color system makes it simple for anglers to find the ideal casting area of the line, and the front and back welded loops makes rigging quick and simple. The Indicator II also features RIO’s Agent X technology to ensure the line shoots through the guides smoothly and features RIO’s MaxCast and MaxFloat technologies for the very best in performance.

Available from WF4F through WF8F in the Indicator high-viz tip, gray and green coloring, the full-floating Indicator II line is sold at any RIO dealer for $74.95

For more from RIO on how to fish with an indicator, watch this video. And to help choose the best trout fishing line, please watch this video.

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