Telluric Group Completes Collimator Shipment to US Army


Telluric Group, LLC. completed delivery of Small Arms Collimator (SAC) Kits to the US Army for inclusion in the Advanced Sniper Accessory Kit (ASAK).  The SAC Kits, referred to by the Army as Sniper Weapon Collimators (SWC), were designed for use with the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) and the M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle (ESR).  They also work with legacy M24 sniper rifles.

The collimators were chosen by the Army as a no-comparison solution for two reasons.  First, they speed up the initial live-fire zero process for weapons that have not yet been zeroed (i.e. during sniper training).  Second, and most critically, they allow deployed snipers to accurately check zero in any environment without live-fire.  “Going into the fight with a good zero is critically important,” said Brian Garrett of Telluric Group.  “The SAC allows snipers to confirm zero quickly anytime, anywhere- before they leave the FOB [forward operating base], after movement across rough terrain, or even at their final firing position.”  By ensuring that weapons are always zeroed, SACs have improved Soldiers’ confidence in their weapons and continue to enhance operational effectiveness.

Small Arms Collimators are manufactured by Pyser-SGI Limited, a British defense company known for over a century for their reliability and innovation.  SACs are available for assault rifles, sniper weapons, machine guns, and grenade launchers.  They work with iron sights, day optics, and image intensified night vision optics.  Collimators are also available for thermal weapon sights and for IR and visible laser aiming devices.  Telluric Group is the exclusive US distributor for Pyser-SGI and the Small Arms Collimator.

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