New Plano Archery Accessories Approved by the Brotherhood


Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector TV series on Outdoor Channel takes viewers on real world hunting adventures all around the globe. Where Waddell goes, his Bone Collector Brotherhood follows. As a result, the Bone Collector brand has evolved to include key products that Waddell and his co-hosts use and trust.

Plano is the first name in secure storage for critical gear and equipment. If you can store it or tote it, Plano has well-engineered products to do so safely, smartly and securely. That’s why BONE COLLECTOR has already collaborated with Plano on a full line of co-branded hard and soft bow and gun cases, sportsman’s trunks, shooter’s cases and field boxes.

The latest BONE COLLECTOR products from Plano are the new BONE COLLECTOR Neoprene Bow Sling and BONE COLLECTOR Archers Accessory Box.

Constructed of top-quality ballistic nylon webbing, the BONE COLLECTOR Neoprene Bow Sling sports a wide and non-slip neoprene shoulder strap, high density, impact resistant poly hardware and quick release attachment system. The BONE COLLECTOR Neoprene Bow Sling is fully adjustable to facilitate different carry styles for any bow and is available in Realtree Xtra, complete with BONE COLLECTOR graphics.

The BONE COLLECTOR Archers Accessory Box is designed with 11 adjustable compartments to carry broadheads, field points, nocks, tuning tools and other small but critical archery gear to and from the field or range. The durable and attractive BONE COLLECTOR Archers Accessory Box carries the BONE COLLECTOR logo, and is the ideal solution to contain the small items that archers are never without, but never seem to find in a secure, orderly place.

BONE COLLECTOR Neoprene Bow Sling

Model 57054

  • Easily attaches to bow with quick release
  • Packed 6 per carton
  • MSRP $18.99

BONE COLLECTOR Archers Accessory Box

Model 134120

  • For Field or Bench
  • Packed 4/Carton
  • Up to 11 Adjustable Interior Compartments
  • Exterior 12.5” x 7.5” x 1.75”
  • MSRP $8.99

Like all of Plano’s archery products, the all new BONE COLLECTOR Neoprene Bow Sling and BONE COLLECTOR Archers Accessory Box are engineered and constructed to take care of your bow hunting equipment so it will take care of you… now, with Brotherhood style

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