Ryan Kohler Travels to Hell Hole for the Most Dangerous Sheep Hunt on Wild TV’s “The EDGE”


Hell Hole quote“Hell Hole Part 1 and 2” – On MONDAY, MAY 5 at 8 p.m. you won’t want to miss the most thrilling, intense and dangerous two-part episode of The EDGE ever aired on Wild TV and Wild TV Online. Set your PVRs because Scalp Creek Outfitters takes host Ryan Kohler to Alberta’s “Hell Hole” where they go hunting for Bighorned Sheep.

In the sixth and seventh episode of the season, Ryan Kohler travels with outfitter Rob Erickson on the most physically and emotionally demanding hunt of his life. A death defying climb up the mountains rocks Ryan and his crew to the core causing fear because one wrong move and you’re dust. As Ryan climbs higher in search of sheep he finds out his team haven’t come back from the “Hell Hole” causing Ryan to fear the worst—death.

The most shocking and dramatic episodes of The EDGE, starts MONDAY, MAY 5 and MAY 12 (8/9 p.m, CT/ET) on Wild TV and Wild TV Online. Wild TV is Canada’s number #1 hunting and fishing network.

The EDGE stars Ryan Kohler, Steve Ecklund and Helgie Eymundson.

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