Trulock Releases Chokes for Sporting Clays


Trulock Chokes understands that the true sportsman requires choke tubes for more than just hunting. Sporting clays are also a popular target, and Trulock has the perfect chokes for that purpose.

Sporting clay and five-stand shooting activities require dead-on patterns. So Trulock has developed chokes specifically designed to help pattern a gun for shooting at these types of targets.

All sporting clay chokes are knurled, extended choke tubes with a stainless-steel finish. They are available in a variety of sizes and gauges to fit most shotguns. Normally a round of sporting clays or five-stand is shot using three different choke constrictions. A close-range choke, such as Trulock’s Cylinder, Skeet 1 or Improved Cylinder chokes, a mid-range choke, such as Skeet 2 (Lite Mod) or Modified chokes, and a longer range choke such as Improved Modified, Full or Ex Full chokes, are used. The three most popular Trulock choke constrictions for sporting clays are Skeet 1, Skeet 2 (Lite Mod) and Improved Modified chokes.

Just like all Trulock choke tubes, the chokes for sporting clays and skeet shooting are crafted on CNC lathes from 17-4 PH grade stainless-steel solid bar stock – never welded tubing. These choke tubes are knurled for easy installation and don’t require a wrench. All chokes have a high resistance to staining and rust and are backed by Trulock’s lifetime guarantee.

Improve your shooting score with a Trulock Choke Tube for your sporting clay or five-stand gun, and blow the competition away with superior patterning.

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