This Week on AR-15 Podcast – The SCAR


The whole AR-15 Podcast crew joins in this week’s discussion of the “other” (sometimes) black rifle, the SCAR. What is it and how does it stack up against the AR platform. J.W. takes the lead as host with the most range time with the SCAR platform, and begins with a short history of what it is, where it’s from, and what it was built for. The civilian version of the rifle comes in the model 16 and 17 which are 5.56 and .308 respectively.

One of the first comparisons, and likely important to the average shooter, is price. While most retailers offer AR platforms off of the wall for less than one thousand, the SCAR clocks in at nearly double that? What are some of the immediate differences a buyer gets for that hefty increase? J.W. elaborates on material usage like a polymer upper receiver, larger bolt carrier group, sights, and organic picatinny rail on the SCAR. What are some of the tradeoffs of these differences? They discuss weight issues and potential problems acquiring non OEM parts as well.

Additionally, the trio discuss some of the major build design differences compared to the AR platform. One notable difference is a non serialized lower receiver, and the piston design for the SCAR platform. Also discussed is the conversion possibilities from the SCAR Heavy (.308) to the lighter 5.56 caliber. J.W. and Anthony discuss the magazine differences they experienced when shooting this rifle, and some surprising potential advantages of metal magazines in this platform.

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