Sportsman Channel Debuts Redesigned Website


Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for American sportsmen and women, has recently launched a redesigned website to best showcase the network’s popular programming with exclusive show content at  The new site is responsive, adapting to the device being used and emphasizes social sharing and mobile accessibility.

With the increased consumer demand for mobile accessible and responsive websites, Sportsman Channel is poised to grow its reach and exposure over the next year while increasing revenue and promotional opportunities for advertisers and shows.

A longer list of features available to viewers includes: blogs from Sportsman Channel hosts, and along with respected industry sportsmen and women from around the country; a mobile-accessible video player on each TV show page and a user dashboard – that makes the features and content most important to each user – readily accessible on any page.

“The redesign includes enhancements that provide improved navigation and better organization of content while being completely mobile accessible and responsive,” said Brian Moyer, senior director of digital services for Sportsman Channel. “Our website will better meet the needs of our audience by making the site more functional, intuitive, appealing and easier to discover what is airing on the channel.  Additionally, we have leveraged the partnership with brands like Guns & Ammo, Bowhunter, Petersen’s Hunting, In-Fisherman and Game & Fish to provide their world-class editorial content.”

The website includes a robust menu of exclusive online content, news, gear reviews and how-to tips powered by the experts from InterMedia Outdoors.  The network sees an opportunity to improve referrals from social media sites, better highlight stories with an improved navigation bar that allows users to follow specific topics and increase social connectivity from eight different social media platforms that are being populated with content from Sportsman Channel.

Highlights of the redesign include:

  • A cleaner, more engaging look
  • Responsive designs optimized for mobile devices and tablets
  • Richer integration of photography, video and interactive story elements
  • Full two-week display of programming schedule
  • Faster loading pages, images and video content
  • More efficient navigation and improved ability to scan and discover content
  • Persistent ability to share content through social media
  • Larger and more impactful photography and video
  • Improved expression of brand through font and typography
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