USPSA Springfield Armory Single Stack National Championships Held in Barry, IL


The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) held the 2014 Single Stack National Championships, sponsored by Springfield Armory in Barry, Illinois this past Wednesday through Saturday.

More than 370 of the nation’s best pistol shooters competed in the match which included 14 challenging courses of fire to test the shooters’ skills with the iconic 1911 handgun. Courses include moving targets and other obstacles to test their marksmanship and dexterity.

Capturing the National Championship this year was Arizona’s Nils Jonasson. Jonasson edged out 2013 National Champion Rob Leatham by only 29 match points – a mere 1.6% of the total. Also in the hunt was USPSA President Phil Strader and 2013 runner up Dave Sevigny.

In the ladies category, Jessie Duff came out on top earning High Lady for her second year in a row.

“This year we really tried to give competitors options,” said Jay Worden, Range Master. “Almost every stage had multiple ways to shoot it – we threw in hard cover and even steel hard cover to mix it up. We wanted everyone to have a good time but be challenged and I think we accomplished that” he continued.

USPSA matches often involve the opportunity to shoot while moving as well as shoot at reactive targets that are not common in any other shooting discipline. Matches are run by the local match directors in their respective clubs. New members are always welcomed and introduced to the sport in a safe and fun way. To find a local USPSA affiliated club visit and click on “Find Clubs”. To become a member of USPSA visit and click on “Join USPSA”.

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