Easton Announces Mark Pezzoni as New President


Greg Easton, President of Jas. D. Easton, announced today that Mark Pezzoni has been hired as the new President of Easton Archery (a division of Easton Technical Products) and will start as President in late May. Easton Archery is an industry leader in the archery business and more specifically, arrow manufacturing.

Easton conducted an extensive search for the new President of the Easton Archery Division. “Mark brings a great combination of varied career experiences that include domestic and international manufacturing with a lean focus, domestic and international sales expertise, and a passion for archery and bowhunting”, – stated Greg Easton. “Mark’s additional experience in the archery market, along with marketing, brand development and customer relations management makes him a great fit for Easton. We are very pleased that Mark has accepted the position.”

Pezzoni will be based in Salt Lake City, Utah and will oversee the Easton Archery operations, which includes archery, OEM, military, medical and custom tubing segments. “Easton is the brand of arrows I shot when I was a little boy chasing game around the hills of Pennsylvania. I feel blessed to be leading this company that serves an industry and a sport that is a passion of mine. For me this is not just about leading a company that offers products. It is about being part of team that will give customers a true advantage and an unmatched level of confidence” – stated Pezzoni.

For more information and to view the complete Easton product line visit www.eastonarchery.com.

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