HSM Varmint Gold is Golden


Hunting Shack Munitions, Inc. (HSM) premier line of Varmint Gold ammunition is exclusively loaded with Berger Bullets making those close in 300-yard shots at prairie dogs too easy.

Popularity: HSM’s Varmint Gold load for the ultra-popular .223 Remington has 40 and 55 grain Berger Bullets that respectively reach 3,372 and 3,173 FPS. HSM’s second most consumer popular round is their 22-250 loaded with 55grain match-quality Berger Bullets at 3,609 feet-per-second.

Accuracy First! HSM velocities are conservatively established through actual rifles, not test or pressure barrels. HSM velocities do not represent the highest figure achieved at the factory. “Accuracy is what really matters to HSM because a varmint hit with “just” 1,200 fps is still a kill, but a 5,000 fps miss is just that, a miss. HSM loads for precise accuracy first, then velocity.”–Travis Campbell, Plant Manager

Many Choices: HSM manufactures 14 different calibers of their premier Varmint Gold line from the tiny .17 Remington to the “large”.243 Winchester varmint round, if you can call a .243 large. Along with HSM premium Varmint Gold line they also manufacture dozens of varmint loadings utilizing Sierra, Hornady, Barnes and Speer bullets in their standard varmint ammunition line.

HSM markets their lines of varmint ammunition exclusively through 2,100 (and growing) independent retailers, chains such as Cabelas, Sportsman’s Warehouse and major catalog outlets such as Midway USA and Sportsman’s Guide.

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