6TH Annual International Warrior Competition Concludes with Record Attendance and Participation


Mission X, the world’s premiere tactical, survival, and adventure consulting team, is proud to announce the successful conclusion of the 6TH Annual “International” Warrior Competition at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC), the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This is the first year Mission X has administered and evaluated Warrior Competition events on behalf of His Majesty King Abdullah, the Jordanian SOF Community and KASOTC.

Over 300 special operations personnel from nearly 40 teams and 19 countries competed in 11 rigorous events this year. Contenders included members of elite police tactical units and top tier military units from around the globe.

“This year we provided rigorous scenarios unseen in previous Warrior Competitions,” advises Mission X CEO Harry Taylor. “We worked hand in hand with Brig. Gen. Aref Al-Zaben and KASOTC personnel to try to challenge competitors like they’ve never been challenged before, and it looks like we succeeded. We’ve seen great displays of shooting ability and incredible athleticism, and most of all incredible effort on the part of the lads taking part. Make no mistake, many of these lads ran and pushed like their heart would burst.”

The 6TH Annual “International” Warrior Competition at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center.
The 6TH Annual “International” Warrior Competition at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center.

Individual events included the Urban Assault, Commando Selection, 3-Gun Gauntlet, Shock & Awe, Molon Labe, High Angle Drive-by, King’s Challenge and Top Gun competition. Four long days of these grueling challenges left participants exhausted but in high spirits.

Overall top scoring teams included: In first place, the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force (PAPF) ‘Snow Leopards’. In second place, the Special Operations Unit of the PAPF Sichuan Corps; in third the Jordanian Royal Guard; in fourth the Special Operations Unit of the PAPF Xinjiang Corps and fifth the Special Forces of the Armed Forces of the Lebanese Republic.

“A lot of people ask about communication,” says Mission X Co-Founder CK Redlinger. “Yes, it was a challenge, coordinating teams of so many nationalities, speaking so many languages. “Thankfully General Zaben’s KASOTC staff handled all the heavy lifting with security, logistics, billeting, transportation and interpreters. Without all their hard work and professionalism we’d never had made this happen.”

The highest scoring shooters of the Top Gun Challenge included in first place Sami K. of the Jordanian GID, Khaled H. of the Lebanese SF and Askat M. of the Kazakhstan Special Operations Unit.

All high scores on these events were very close – all participants are to be commended for their effort, skill, and motivation. We look forward to seeing you again at the 7TH Annual Warrior Competition!

Mission X would also like to recognize some of our staff. Among the Warrior Competition architects and evaluators this year were several of our wounded warriors. These former SOF soldiers have adapted to life after experiencing critical injuries in combat. They not only administered and scored the events, they developed and validated each one. Their ethos and quality of work are a testament to their individual fortitude and collective ability to overcome critical injuries and prevail in life. Well done, gentlemen.

For further information about the 6TH Annual International Warrior Competition at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, watch for articles in K-ISOM, Security & Defense Arabia, RECOIL Magazine, Combat and Survival, The Atlantic Monthly and many other reputable publications.  More information about the competition itself can be found at WarriorCompetition.com, and KASOTC.com.

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