Last Chance to Outfish Bro


Warmer weather has finally arrived in many parts of the country, and it’s time to plan summer fishing trips.

If any of those trips are more than a day’s drive away, consider packing up one of Plano’s Flex ‘N Go satchels with your favorite tackle and tools. This customizable organizer has deep adjustable compartments on one side, and holds two of your favorite 3600-size or larger 3700-series utilities on the opposite side, allowing you to take only what you need.

Flex N' Go
Flex N’ Go

For those of you planning trips along the coast, the Hydro-Flo Flex ‘N Go is a great traveling tackle storage option. Perfect for saltwater conditions, this satchel includes two Hydro-Flo utilities with a unique draining system. Hydro-Flo holes in the lid and base allow saltwater to escape, and let you rinse your tackle clean, preventing rust and corrosion.

Wherever you go, whatever you fish, Plano’s got a tackle bag or box that will help you reel in monster fish on all your trips! Check out the options at


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