Best Holsters for Concealed Carry? FMG’s Online Editor, Kakkuri Weighs in


With an abundance of concealed carry handguns on the market, the production of concealed carry pocket holsters can be found in equal measure. For new shooters, choosing the right carry gun/holster can be a daunting decision.

FMG Publications Online Editor Mark Kakkuri tackles this topic head-on, evaluating concealed carry handguns and holsters in two recent GUNS Magazine online-only articles. Kakkuri discusses methods of pocket carry while also reviewing the inner-workings of holster models, including the Recluse Two-Sided Holster, posted at

“Kahr’s smallish-but-not-quite-mousy CW380, while a great gun, needs a bit of help not only to stand up straight in a pocket but also to remain comfortably hidden,” writes Kakkuri. “And that’s the mission of the aptly-named Recluse Two-Sided Holster, a unique clamshell design made from high-quality leather.”

Kakkuri also investigates the challenges of carrying concealed with guns that have tactical additions such as lights and lasers. His online article on GUNS explores the latest innovations in concealed carry holsters to accommodate these specialized handgun features, which can be found at

“Lasers and lights are fast becoming normal accessories in personal defense pistols and very handy ones at that. Except when they aren’t truly built in and then literally get in the way of using a favorite holster,” says Kakkuri. “The Viridian light-equipped Ruger LC9 comes with a pocket holster that gladly accommodates the size of the gun with the light. Trouble is, not many holster manufacturers make an IWB or OWB holster for it. In an exclusive arrangement with Viridian, DeSantis offers a right-handed, outside the waistband Mini Scabbard that fits and complements this gun perfectly.”

Online visitors at GUNS and American Handgunner will find several articles per week from Kakkuri, who welcomes engagement from readers. To access all online content, visit and

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