Deer & Deer Hunting Summer Issue Hunting Properties


Packed with information on food plots, nutrition and health, the summer issue of Deer & Deer Hunting – which hits newsstands everywhere on May 14 – will take a hunting property to the next level, enticing those healthier whitetails that every hunter dreams to tag.

A good property can make or break a hunting season, making proper maintenance and planning key to success. Inside the summer issue of Deer & Deer Hunting, readers will find information on forages to plant in late summer food plots that will provide great sustenance for deer, while keeping them closer to a designated hunting area. Deer hunting researchers also discuss the autumn nutritional needs to consider for whitetails, including the facts behind why bucks need to maintain optimal health. Plus, hunters looking to gain an edge in the field won’t want to miss features on the benefits of mineral licks and what it takes to balance a deer herd’s buck-to-doe ratio, and why it matters in certain situations.

The issue also delivers a useful formula for estimating meat yields from one deer. Readers can also learn how to make and maintain mock scrapes and licking branches that will result in good hunting spots come autumn.

Get ready for a bountiful season by picking up a copy of Deer & Deer Hunting today.

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