Impeltronics Offers the Best Father’s Day Gift for the Best Dad


Looking to a Father for strength and shedding some light on the difficult issues of the day is normal.  Wouldn’t it be great to offer a great gift that does the same instead of trying to remember what color tie, baseball cap or t-shirt purchased over the years.

Whether Dad is crawling under a sink for that much needed repair or keeping the family vehicle in motion, here’s a Father’s Day gift that is sure to exceed his expectations.  He’ll be eager to get to work on all those house and car projects, knowing he’ll have his handy dandy 3 LED Extendable Magnetic Flashlight on the top shelf of his tool box.

Father’s Day gift seekers don’t even have to leave the house to find something special this year.  Here’s a great product with strong magnets at both ends (3 and 8 lb pickup), lengthens to about 22” and sheds plenty of light on all of Dad’s To Do List.  Even the head can be flexed in any direction needed. The good news is that it can be ordered online and shipped directly to any address of choice.  The best part is; mom or the kids won’t have to bug dad to get to those chores!

So go ahead! Give Dad something he’ll use multiple times and never forget where it came from, simply because it is so practical and has an endless amount of use.  Dad is sure to be delighted when he opens his package this year.

Impeltronics, a wholesale manufacturer of high quality high lumen LED Flashlights, offers everyone a “strategic advantage against the darkness”.  Whether you’re in search and rescue, hunting and fishing or in need of light and magnetism in any application, Impeltronics invites everyone to “Light the Way”.

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