MEALSPEC Heater Bag Is Heating Up the Industry


MEALSPEC who will soon to be the leading manufacture of flameless meal heaters, unveils their new MEALSPEC Heater Bag. MealSpec’s extensive passion for military and emergency food heating supplies have lead them to create the most reliable flameless meal heater available.

MRE heaters & flameless meal heaters are not all created equally. MEALSPEC manufacturers a state-of-the-art meal heater, that reaches 220° Fahrenheit in 12 seconds! This flameless meal heater out preforms every other flameless heater on the market with a run time of 12 minutes and the capability of boiling water. The MEALSPEC can hard-boil an egg and even cook fish fillets. This MRE heater is perfect for disaster preparedness, camping, hunting, and more. Using the MEALSPEC MRE heater is simple, first tear the top of the heater bag and remove the packaging. Next, insert the heating device, add your food or beverage, and remember, never cook food or drinks in MEALSPEC bag alone, they should always be in their own respected bag. Then, add water to the fill line to activate the heater. Quickly secure the top of the bag and wait five to ten minutes for a hot meal or beverage. When you are finished using the MEALSPEC™, discard and never drink the water that is used to heat. The MEALSPEC can also be used as a trash bag when finished cooking and eating.

MEALSPEC Heater bags are military grade and unlike Internet vendors, every heater bag is brand new, and not about to expire. This product has been tested across the nation for countless applications and is presently utilized by multiple private and government organizations. For more information or purchasing questions of MEALSPEC Heater Bags, please visit

MEALSPEC Heater Bag Specifications

  • Activates in 12 seconds
  • Run Time up to 12 minutes
  • Medial Temperature: 180 degrees
  • Peak Temperature: 220 degrees
  • Can boil water
  • Can Sterilize water and utensils
  • Shelf life of 5 years
  • No failure report
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