Bear Archery Continues Scholastic 3D Title Sponsorship


Bear Archery a leading manufacturer of premium archery equipment including compound bows, youth archery equipment and traditional bows is proud to announce their continued support of S3DA or Scholastic 3D Archery as the title sponsor.

“Rarely does an opportunity come along where you can benefit future generations while at the same time impact youth today – S3DA does just this and Bear is proud to be a Title sponsor, as it provides today’s youth with archery education, mentoring, discipline, and skills needed for college and beyond. Bear is honored to be part of this legacy.” Stated Steve Dalp, Product Manager for Bear Archery

About S3DA:

The mission of Scholastic 3D Archery is to foster, educate and guide youth in the area of 3D archery by offering an after school archery curriculum. S3DA is available to children grades 3 – 12 and follows the same regulations as ASA. Founding members of S3DA saw a need for a next step when it came to our youth and archery. S3DA provides just that and more, offering youth the opportunity to take their sport outdoors and compete with the equipment of their choosing thus creating an opportunity that will lead to future archers.

“S3DA is a ‘next-step’ program that bridges the gap from introductory-level archery and provides what young shooters, coaches and parents have been asking for,” said executive director Jennie Richardson. “We’re transitioning kids to the next level and exposing them to collegiate and pro-style competition.”

“S3DA truly enhances the educational experience,” according to Jennie Richardson, S3DA Executive Director. “Learning next-step archery skills makes them better students and citizens. These kids benefit from self-discipline and the personal motivation they’re exposed to in 3-D archery, we see families becoming involved in S3DA as its difficult to find activities that all members of the family and extended family can enjoy like archery, our program prepares young shooters for archery at the next level,” said Richardson.

Highlights of the S3DA Program include:

  • Competitive divisions based on equipment with competition distances and speed limits tailored to:
  • Elementary School – grades 3-5
  • Middle School – grades 6-8
  • High School – grades 9-12
  • Close cooperation and partnerships with:
  • State Departments of Education
  • State Departments of Parks and Recreation
  • Outdoor industry groups
  • Public and private conservation groups.
  • Funded by donations from the archery industry, private foundations and trust, and national charitable organizations.

“Our partnership with Bear Archery is a win-win,” said founding board member Fred Pape. “S3DA now has the launching pad necessary to move our program from the developmental stage to the fast track and Bear Archery has a unique opportunity to introduce a whole new generation of archers to their wonderful products. Fred Bear was a friend of mine,” Pape continued. “I know how proud he would be that his legacy lives on in Scholastic 3-D Archery.”

Schools, organizations and Archery dealers interested in participating in S3DA should contact Jennie Richardson at [email protected]

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