New This Week on Shooting USA – Cowboy Action Shooting at Winter Range


Shooting USA – SASS Winter Range National Championships 2014

We’re in the Arizona desert for the largest cowboy action shooting match anywhere in America. More than 1,000 competitors, with single-action six-guns and lever action rifles, shoot-it-out in the National Championships of the Single Action Shooting Society. Plus, a 700-year-old firearm that was once the war-changing new technology. The Matchlock Musket is one of History’s Guns.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Todd the Tack-driver

Todd Jarett attempts the impossible, actually demonstrating why we call an accurate rifle a tack-driver. The target?  Driving a nail into a board. But Todd’s reaching back into history to do the shot with a lever gun. It’s not a rifle he’s shot before and not one known for high accuracy. How can that be possible?  We’ll find out.

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The Middle of Nowhere:

It’s rattlesnake country somewhere in New Mexico, where only sunscreen, water, and a camera are necessary – plus, high accuracy rifles from JP. The crew and I will be eating by the campfire all week, while taping a series of Pro Tips from the master of the long gun, John Paul.

The Middle of Nashville:

Then there’s the other story working this week, on the only High School Trap Team officially recognized in the Metro Nashville school system. The SCTP team is a breakthrough in a school system not known for being in favor of gun sports. They hope they’re leading the way to more student participation in the shotgun sports.

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