Creating Custom ARs and Handcrafted Knives Featured this Week on Sportsman Channel’s “Amazing America with Sarah Palin”


Left alone (or almost alone) on the assembly line at firearms manufacturer Stag Arms in New Britain, CT, Amazing America field host Benny Spies came up with the ultimate creation – his own AR-15: “Benny Spies Edition.”  And when a passion for knives and craftsmanship link up, America’s most unique handcrafted knives become reality at Mohr Custom Knives in Jefferson City, TN where field host Mark Christopher Lawrence had the opportunity to forge his own custom creation. Both of these “Made in the USA” companies are featured this week on Amazing America with Sarah Palin exclusively on Sportsman Channel, Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Stag Arms founder Mark Malkowski has a passion for guns, and living on the edge. A proven fact when he invites Spies onto the factory floor to assist in the manufacturing process. However, Malkowski forewarns, professionals get the job done in about an hour. Spies, on the other hand, could take up to a week to assemble his firearm, featuring up to 100 parts.

“I couldn’t get in there quick enough to look around,” said Spies. “And when the founder let me on the assembly line, I had to ask if they knew the risks of me coming into a facility like that and building one of these guns myself.”

And one man’s scrap metal is another man’s treasure at Mohr Custom Knives, where scrap metal – saw blades and railroad spikes – are commonplace. Rick “Tricky” Mohr and his son have a knack for crafting the most unique sharp edged knives out of the material. And once field host Mark Christopher Lawrence forges his own knife, the father-son duo introduce him to a dangerous game – hatchet throwing at a target.

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