Mathews Adds Custom Performance to the Monster Chill Line


Mathews Archery, Inc. is excited to announce a line extension to the Monster Chill Series. Two new bows – a Hybrid 3D Target/Hunting Bow, as well as a short-draw bow for women archers. Both of these models will be available at Authorized Mathews Retailers mid-May, 2014.

Chill SDX- small in stature deserve big performance.
Chill SDX- small in stature deserve big performance.

The Chill X offers ultimate versatility for the archer who uses their bow for both hunting and 3D target archery. Measuring in at 35” axle to axle and featuring an all new AVS DYAD Cam System with enlarged perimeter weighting, the Chill X offers a solid shooting platform and a post shot feel that is superior to all other bows. The Chill X will come standard with All New ROCK MODS for enhancing performance and versatility. The Chill X comes standard with 85% ROCK MODS and a 75% option is available for custom shooter performance.


  • IBO Speed 336 fps (w/75% let-off)
  • Axle to Axle 35”
  • Brace Height 7”
  • Physical Weight 4.23 lbs.
  • Let-Off 75% and 85%
  • Draw Weights 50, 60, 70
  • Draw Lengths 25-31
  • Half Sizes 25.5-30.5 MSRP $1099

The Chill SDX is a top-of-the-line dual cam bow designed specifically for women who may be small in stature, but demand big performance from a bow. Utilizing the proven AVS DYAD Cam system with perimeter weighting, this bow is silky smooth while providing blazing speed for tremendous downrange energy. The Chill SDX is available in black and Lost Camo and can be enhanced with our new PNK graphics package.


  • IBO Speed 330 fps (29”, 60 lbs.)
  • Axle to Axle 30.5”
  • Brace Height 6”
  • Physical Weight 3.84 lbs.
  • Let-Off 80%
  • Draw Weights 40, 50, 60
  • Draw Lengths 22-29
  • Half Sizes 22.5-28.5
  • MSRP $999

New Mathews ROCK MODS come standard on the Chill X and are also designed to fit AVS Perimeter Weighted DYAD Cam Systems for the Chill, Chill R and Chill SDX. Built
with an integrated draw stop, these new mods provide a rock solid back wall for shot-to-shot consistency. Experience custom performance and optimize the let-off to your own personal shooting style with either 75% or 85% let-off. ROCK MODS are available at your Authorized Mathews Retailers today.

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