The Well Armed Woman, Omaha Chapter, to Host a Holster Fashion Show to Promote Concealed Carry


The group will hold a “Holster Fashion Show” May 18 to promote Concealed Carry Options for Women

Gun ownership and the complex laws around the use of them is a significant topic around the nation. The 2011 Gallup Poll reported forty-seven percent of American adults currently have a gun in their home and twenty three percent of women personally own a firearm. This reported gun ownership is the highest it has been in nearly two decades. With women, being the largest growing segment the historically male driven industry scrambles to meet the need.

With the number of women now owning firearms at such high levels women are eager to learn and practice with other women. For a woman new to shooting, the very male driven industry can be intimidating. To create woman friendly opportunities to practice and learn, The Well Armed Woman, LLC is introducing Shooting Chapters all over the country with a new chapter in Omaha. Currently there are 181 chapters in 42 states and over 4600 members!

The Well Armed Woman Omaha Shooting Chapter will give women of all experience levels the opportunity to be introduced to issues important to women shooters, learn safe gun handling skills and train together.

Teresa Roddy is a local female gun enthusiast who is spearheading The Well Armed Woman Omaha Chapter. Events will be held monthly and open to all women, 21 years or older and legally eligible to own a firearm. The Well Armed Woman has partnered with The Bullet Hole in Omaha for the shooting events and Cabela’s for the educational events. Time will be devoted to discussion and topical study as well as time on the range learning and practicing safe gun handling skills at each event.

Chapter membership is required to participate in the monthly shooting events. You may attend your first educational meeting free. Participants will be required to pay any applicable range fees and costs of ammunition or firearm rentals.

We will be hosting a holster fashion show, Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 4:00pm, where we will be showcasing holster options for women. For those that are new to us, please join us at 3:30pm to hear about the benefits of being The Well Armed Woman!

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