Cape Buffalo under “Relentless Pursuit” on Sportsman Channel, Friday, May 16


The momentum builds as Relentless Pursuit’s Tim Wells and Brother Buck make a final attempt to spear a cape buffalo in Australia. The danger of hunting with a spear, mixed with the challenge of tracking a monster world record buffalo, make for a heart pounding and adrenaline filled hunt. Watch Wells and Brother Buck take aim on this week’s episode of Relentless Pursuit airing exclusively on Sportsman Channel, Friday, May 16 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

The men are in hot pursuit of a giant cape buffalo Down Under, and the stakes rise as the end of their hunt approaches.  Spear hunting a buffalo requires a good broadside throw, but closing the distance to hit the selected quarry means the possibility of a charging 2,000 lb. animal without anywhere for the hunters to run, becomes a serious threat.

Time is running out as darkness falls, so Wells and Brother Buck move quickly on the trail of another buffalo. After 10 days on the hunt, the men know their prey will not come easily or without a price, but with little time left in the Outback, a spear must fly for any chance at a world record cape buffalo will vanish.

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