“That Dog Can Hunt” Takes the Grandchildren on a Quail and Pheasant Hunt on the Pursuit Channel


Last fall, Doug, Carl and Becky Halphin rounded up all of the grandkids and took them on a pheasant and quail hunt outside of Kansas City. The weather was perfect and winds were light – just what you need to make a bird hunt successful. Great dog work made the day just about perfect. Very seldom does the entire family have an opportunity to hunt together so it made the day a very memorable one.

Watch “That Dog Can Hunt” on the Pursuit Channel Saturday, May 17 at 2 p.m. and Monday, May 19 at 8:30 a.m., all times eastern.

Hosted by Carl and Doug Halphin, “That Dog Can Hunt” shares tips and methods of professional dog training with viewers in the hopes all bird hunters with their dogs will have a more enjoyable hunt. From puppy to veteran field dogs, there are always ways to improve the performance of your hunting dog.

This series, the first of its kind on television, features every week how to work with your dog to get professional results in the field with proven results derived from over 30 years experience in dog training. Obedience commands are included that can be utilized and of value to even the family pet. Primarily shot in the Midwest, “That Dog Can Hunt” is planning a lot of traveling in 2015 to other great states and areas known for their excellent bird hunting.

Sport Dog, Gunz Mart, See All Open Sights, Mendota, Mississippi Tourism, Freemont Knives, Navilac Gamer Bird Farm and Ravenwood Lodge partner with “That Dog Can Hunt” to bring you all the information, fun and upland bird hunting action.

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For more information about “That Dog Can Hunt,” visit www.facebook.com/thatdogcanhunt.

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