JAGGs’ Gen-Y Passion & Tech Savvy Catches Eye of Real Avid


Real Avid, a manufacturer of mission-specific tools and gear for hunters and shooters, is pleased to announce a newly forged partnership with Illinois-based JAGG Outdoors; a dedicated group of up-and-coming Generation Y hunters with a passion for 100% wild game, 100% fair chase, and 100% outdoor fun, while producing very high quality digital video that captures their exhilarating experiences.

Generation Y, (also known as the “Millennials”), is the generation raised by Baby Boomer parents during a period of “follow your passion”, and explosive technological growth; including video gaming, digital imaging, and electronic communication. About the same time, the outdoor industry began witnessing a decrease in the extent, and quality, of youth and young-adult participation in hunting and shooting sports, and outdoor recreation of all sorts.

“Well, I would like to think we are out here to prove those reports otherwise”, says Garrett Boelkes, of JAGG Outdoors. “ I mean, we are just a group of friends out here combining our generations energy, excitement, enthusiasm, and know-how with the old school morals and principals our fathers and grandfathers handed down to us to bring you action packed episodes with the best footage possible”, he added. “We are totally pumped that a bad-ass brand like Real Avid is interested in what we are trying to accomplish, and that their team is supporting us as we grow”, adds Boelkes, the 23 year-old Carthage College, Bachelor of Environmental Science degree graduate.

According to Nick Grzechowiak, Director of Digital Strategy for Real Avid, “These young bloods caught our eye because they’re producing high quality, engaging content that we enjoyed watching, and because their values are in the right place. It’s a great fit for the Real Avid brand.”

When asked to describe those principals, both Boelkes and Grzechowiak stated with conviction that is about practicing one shot, one kill, processing the game that is harvested, maintaining a deep respect for mother nature and most importantly, understanding that there is much more to the hunt, than just the kill.

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