RFA Endorses Tom MacArthur in NJ-3 Congressional Race


The Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) today has officially endorsed Tom MacArthur in the race for the New Jersey third congressional district. RFA executive director Jim Donofrio is urging all anglers who are registered republican in the third district to turn out for the New Jersey Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 to vote for MacArthur.

“Tom reached out to RFA staff, came to our office for a meeting, and made it very clear that he understands recreational fishing,” Donofrio said. “A boater himself with a house in Barnegat Light, he’s already talked to leadership on Capitol Hill about serving on the House Natural Resources Committee, which is a must for the folks in this particular district of New Jersey.”

U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan, a republican and current member of the House Natural Resources Committee announced his retirement from Congress earlier this year and has recently endorsed MacArthur as his replacement.

“Tom was a strong conservative as a Mayor, and his track record of building a business, creating jobs and understanding how to grow the economy is tremendously impressive,” said Rep. Runyan in his endorsement.

Donofrio called MacArthur a sensible and pragmatic individual capable of improving the stalled political climate in Washington DC.

“As a self-made businessman, like many of our local tackle shop owners, marina owners and RFA members alike, we believe that Tom is going to be a great friend to our recreational fishing community,” Donofrio said.

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