Rock Island Armory’s .22 TCM Micromag Delivers 2,000 FPS in American Handgunner July/Aug. Issue


Rock Island Armory’s .22 TCM Series represents the epitome of custom innovation in the July/August issue of American Handgunner. Editor Roy Huntington commissions Fred Craig, custom gunsmith and co-creator of the original .22 TCM, to create three guns — a custom TCM .22 VZ and two stock models of the Micro Mag 9mm/22 TCM Target and the TCM 22 Midsize Standard — highlighting the inventive additions on an already high-quality handgun.

“For less than most stock 1911 models you normally find in a display case at the gun store, you have the ability to essentially get two guns, the 18-shot .22 TCM and an 18-shot 9mm,” Huntington explains. “The innovative .22 TCM is fun, high performing (almost like a .22 Hornet, but in a handgun), and opens some interesting doors to varminting with a 1911. The custom model from Fred’s shop simply raises the bar and suddenly paves the way to 100-plus yard precision targeting.”

In “A Galaxy Not Too Far Away,” Will Dabbs converts a full-auto Sterling submachine gun into a fully-operational Imperial Stormtrooper Blaster BlaseTech E-11, appearing to come straight out of the Star Wars saga.

“With all the cinematic window dressing in place, my E-11 Blaster tips the scales at about 8 pounds, which is heftier than a contemporary M-4 carbine sans the customary forearm bling,” describes Dabbs. “The red dot sight makes rapid target acquisition a snap, even through the smoked lenses of an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet. The prodigious heft of the piece effectively negates any recoil worthy of the term.”

The July/August issue of American Handgunner also highlights Mike “Duke” Venturino’s exploration of WWII revolvers, Ralph Mroz’s look at common holster mistakes and how to avoid them, J.B. Wood’s examination of the classic Walther P1 and a celebration of Brownells 75th anniversary. Also in this issue, Dave Anderson offers instruction on mastering gun skills — advising shooters on effective training schedules and skill-refining tactics.

A Boberg XR9 highlights the July/August Gun of the Month giveaway. This package also includes a Jason Winnie custom Boberg XR9 holster, a Magna-Arm Gun Magnet, the Viper Scout 4.0 from TOPS Knives and a Fenix TK09 flashlight. Handgunner readers will have the chance to win this package, valued at over $1,860, by simply entering online at

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