NSSF Steps Up at JP Enterprises’ Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship


For this year’s special edition JP Enterprises’ Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship, NSSF has joined over 100 sponsors to sponsor this almost week long International event.Held August 5-10, 2014 at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico, the first International 3-Gun match, with 15 natural terrain stages to challenge shooters from around the world, JP RM3G has expanded the match for this year only to double the days and double the fun!

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has contributed cash money to sponsor this year’s NSSF Shooter’s BBQ/Junior Benefit to be held August 8, 2014. All the shooters are invited to the BBQ and get a chance to win fabulous doorprizes. All money raised will be contributed to Junior Shooting Programs, including the NRA Whittington Center’s own Adventure Camp.

The match starts on August 5, with all shooter’s shooting 3 stages a day, through August 9. On August 10, the festivities will begin with the DPMS Junior Shoot-Off, first thing in the morning. The top 4 juniors will shoot in head to head contests for the $3750 in cash prizes donated by DPMS with first place winning $1500. After, that, the Brownells’ Ladies’ Shoot-Off will pit the top 4 ladies against each other for the $3750 in cash prizes provided by Brownells. Winner will also take away $1500. Then the team shoot-offs for the top Official Teams and Top Special Teams. After that, we’ll award medals and the shooters will get to walk the prize table.

Representing the US on the two official teams are Don Bednorz, James Casanova, Tony Holmes, Jerry Miculek, Tate Moots, Kelly Neal, David Neth, Glenn Shelby and Kuan Watson. Wish them well.

JP RM3G is very lucky to have so many generous sponsors. In addition to match sponsor, JP Enterprises, Patriot Ordnance Factory is a Platinum sponsor. Gold sponsors include: Ergo Grips and Magpul. Silver Sponsors: Warne Scope Mounts, Sierra Bullets, Seekins Precision, Remington Defense, Nordic Components, DSG Arms, DPMS and Daniel Defense. Bronze Sponsors: Brownells, Burris, Crossbreed Holsters, Hornady, NSSF, Oneida Molded Plastics, StagArms, SWFA, Tac-Sci, Thunderbeast Arms, XRail and XS Sights. Check out our website: http://rm3g.com/ for ALL the amazing and generous sponsors!

JP RM3G is a follow up from the SOF matches. JP Enterprises has sponsored the match every year, as well as the last SOF matches. This is the first year the match has invited a large number of International shooters. Para Ordnance, Firebird, JP Enterprises and other generous sponsors will be lending guns to some of the International Shooters who cannot bring their own. Hornady is providing ammo for purchase for the International Shooters so they can have quality ammo waiting for them at the range.

This year looks to be a very exciting match. The fastest shooters should be getting to shoot over a minute per stage, while the slower shooters will be having lots more fun and more time behind the trigger. JP RM3G looks forward to introducing more people to natural terrain 3-Gun in the U.S.!

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