This Week on Gun Girl Radio – Gun Girl Bianchi Cup Secrets


Have you ever wanted the insider scoop about the NRA Bianchi Cup? Gun Girls Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are talking all things Bianchi in this episode of Gun Girl Radio! It’s not just the basics either. Tune in to learn the Action Pistol secrets to help you perform your best.

First up, Julie and Randi have some catching up to do. It’s a been a while since both hosts have recorded a show together. Randi shares her experience at a whirlwind trip of shooting the USPSA Single Stack Nationals and the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series Event #3, back to back in one weekend. Julie returns to action pistol shooting after her maternity leave and shot her first match at her new home club in Kansas City, MO.

Next, both gun girls explain Bianchi Cup basics for those new to the sport before delving into the event’s secrets. Randi and Julie discuss tactics for all the divisions – Open, Metallic and Production. In this show you will learn how and when to go prone, what you should bring to the range with you and tips for each course of fire. The hosts also give insight on the Bianchi Cup experience, like shooting on the firing line with other shooters, the importance of having your stickers and shooter number with you as well as how to deal with those dreaded match nerves.

Randi and Julie wrap up episode 41 by answering listener questions specific to Action Pistol. From popular calibers to questions about the event schedule, the hosts provide useful information and additional resources to shooters and spectators to learn more. Listen to the entire episode at

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