Beta USA’s National Enduro and H&H Racing Results


Beta USA’s Race Teams competed in two venues this weekend, the AMA National Enduro and National Hare and Hound Series.

Park Hills, Missouri welcomed Beta USA’s Cory Buttrick and Justin Sode for Round 4 of the National Enduros. Both team riders had season best finishes on a technical, rocky course that traversed a little over 65 miles. Sand washes, rock ledges, and loose rocky trails made it difficult to stay on two wheels and remain consistent throughout the day.

Cory Buttrick continues to improve in his returning year by logging the fourth fastest time in test six. Despite a hard crash knocking the wind out of Buttrick in the fourth test, he regrouped to finish an impressive sixth overall. Buttrick goes on to say, “We had a pretty good day and a step in the right direction. Besides losing the trail and a crash in section 4, the day went well. My Beta 300RR handled well in the slick, rocky conditions. Now, I’m looking forward to the Virginia National Enduro. We will continue to test and improve to have a better finish.”

Buttrick’s Beta teammate, Justin Sode, also stepped up his performance with a 12th overall finish; running consistent 11th overall test times. Sode comments, “Conditions at Round 4 of the National Enduro Series were perfect. My Beta 250RR performed amazingly. I had a slow beginning of the race but throughout the day I picked up the pace. I’m happy with my result but hope to improve at Round 5.”

After four rounds, Buttrick sits 9th in points while Sode sits in 15th. Round 5 of the National Enduro Series resumes in two weeks in Virginia.

Meanwhile on the west coast, the Beta/Purvines Race Team attended the National Hare and Hound in Caliente, Nevada where dust made racing at the elite speed tough. Nick Burson once again led the team with a third overall finish and put the Beta back on the podium. Burson stills holds the series points lead by 2 points over Ricky Brabec.

Burson describes his push for second overall, “I felt good and started to catch dust but then I clipped a rock and hit the ground pretty well. This took all the wind out of my charge, as I knew we were closing in on the finish. I came down the finish hill and ended up 3rd overall. All in all it was a good day but not where I need to be.”

Axel Pearson rounded out the top 5 with fifth overall and comments, “The whole first loop I’ve ridden most of it in previous races so I could make up time quick in sections but the top 3 were riding really good and with the dust I couldn’t make any passes!” Pearson maintained fourth overall until the second loop where a brake pedal issue slowed him down after clipping a rock.

Justin Morrow and Tallon Taylor helped put four Betas in the top fifteen overall with eighth and thirteenth overall finishes, respectively. Round 8 of the AMA National Hare and Hound series continues on August 23rd in Nevada.

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