Try Something New with Self Reliance Illustrated Issue 20


Issue 20 is Self Reliance Illustrated’s spring issue. The theme for this issue is “try new things.” They have compiled fascinating articles with new and different things to try. In this issue readers will find a number of articles detailing how to identify and use plants. Readers learn to identify and use dandelions.  Learn how to take herbs and flowers and turn them into healing salves and delicious teas. Learn how to grow hops to make beer. Plants are full of endless possibilities. This issue will give you inspiration for new ways you can use them.

As for trying something new, this issue features several articles on that as well. Try using a plastic bottle to create a filter for water, make an upside down fire, try out a ponzo tent, defend yourself with just a flashlight, take aim with a slingshot, or make your own fishing lures. Get outside and try some new things. Add to your skill set and knowledge base.

Self Reliance Illustrated writers tried a few new things just for this issue. This issue features reviews on the UMAREX P38 and P.08 air pistols, gear taken on an Amazon trip, and the Solar Stik™ 100 Lite from Alternative Energy, Inc. Read along as they try something new and give their opinion on the products.

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You’ll find all of this and more in Issue 20 of Self Reliance Illustrated.

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