This Week on AR-15 Podcast – Building an AR-15 to Giveaway


This week, the whole gang is in for episode 75 of the AR-15 Podcast to go over the details of the Brownells sponsored rifle giveaway! Brownells gave Reed and crew some latitude to construct the giveaway prize. So how did he approach the assembly?

Reed starts out with the most logical step for thinking about a rifle that you don’t yet have–daydreaming. How do you conceptualize a rifle you’d like to build or modify? Reed suggests starting with the purpose of your acquisition: what’s this rifle for? Is it a range rifle? Competition? Novelty or functional use? Next, he suggests a parts list. You may find that the parts you envision for the desired purpose may not be available.

Listeners can get a taste of the giveaway; all of the parts were featured on the podcast. Check out the Brownells site for more information on each piece. Also, see the show notes for more detailed information about the major components of the giveaway. Everything from the lower, to the barrel and the bolt carrier group should work with standard ammunition loads and accessories. Anthony notes that much of the equipment is ambidextrous for the lefty shooters on the podcast roster should they win.

The guys go into extensive detail about each of the major components going into the build, but the real star of the assembly lies with the accessories as is often the case with the AR platform. Among the many quality parts and accessories going into the rifle, one of the more noteworthy is surely the Eotech sight to accompany the flip up sights. Tune in to find out whatever goodies are going on the giveaway. Listen to the entire episode at

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