Whitetail Freaks’ New Android GPS-app Helps Hunters Take Control of their Hunting Properties


The time has come for Android users to take control of the properties they hunt!  The long awaited launch of Whitetail Freaks Property Manager for Android has come!

Property Manager is a GPS-oriented app that will will mark tree stand locations, trail cams, feeders, scrapes and even food plots to help take the guesswork out of chasing whitetails, turkey, or whatever you might be hunting. It does all of this while simultaneously neutralizing every geek’s fear of getting lost.

“Not sure where you put that game cam, or which tree stand is where…?  This app will let you map it all out, find your way to the locations, and even order a large color map of your organized hunting property,” reports HuntGeek.com Chief Enginerd, Jim Stolis.  “And, once you have everything set-up, you can share your property details with a buddy.  It’s a geektastic 1-2 punch of electronic wizardry that you can put to work for you in the field or at home.”

Property Manager calculates your foodplot and property acreages –  and even offers a handy “go-to” function to help you remember where you put that trailcam, or to aid you in finding your treestand in the dark.

Whitetail Freaks Property Manager Features:

  • Manage multiple properties with custom names and notes
  • Reveal acreage of any property based on property markers placed on a map
  • Calculate acreage on food plots based on food plot markers you place on the map
  • Place map pins from several categories such as Tree Stands, Trail Cams, Property Boundary, Food Plot Boundary, and More!
  • Add notes to any pin and view recorded latitude and longitude
  • Filter map to include or exclude specific pin categories and property & food plot overlays
  • Special “Go To” feature gives distance and heading to any selected pin
  • Three map views to choose from: Standard, Satellite and Hybrid
  • Manage multiple food plots with custom names and displayed acreage

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad – and now for ANDROID! – this geektacular application empowers hardcore savvy hunters to take control of the places where they hunt.

You can view the app on Google Play using the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.huntgeek.whitetail.propertymanager

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Join the nerd army that’s conquering the world, one mobile device at a time! You may never strive to become a geek intentionally, but you’d be crazy not to hunt like one.

Visit HuntGeek.com to find out more!  Download, fire ’em up and start dorking out. Ah, neat!

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