Must-have’s for Your Spring Turkey Hunt from The Choice Cast


Few outdoor experiences compare with the thrill of spring turkey hunting. The challenge of staying under the radar of a turkey’s keen senses is exciting for even the most experienced hunter.

Whether you prefer a hunting pack to support all you need for the wait or you’re more of a blind-sitter, calling in a trophy gobbler requires skill, preparation and a whole lot of patience.

When you look for a pack, consider one that will enable you to slip in, set up and steadily work the birds. The Tenzing TP14 Turkey Pack does that and more! This unique pack comes with a patented spring-loaded leg system that instantly converts into a well-equipped hunting chair, complete with a padded foldout seat. And with 28 pockets, there is plenty of room for all your calls, shells and snacks.

If ground blinds are more your style, consider whether you’re looking for mobility or day-long comfort. Ameristep has an option for every hunter and every situation, and you’ll appreciate the ease of use, safety and durability in this series. Check out the newly designed Ameristep website to learn more.


“There is nothing better than sharing and experiencing the outdoors with your family. Ralph and I have hunted together from day one, and now our son, RJ, is out there with us. He has hunted with us, as we have hunted with him, and now he is even running a camera behind us in the field. There are no words to describe the amazing feeling I have as I watch RJ grow as a person, and an outdoorsman.” -Vicki Cianciarulo

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