TANNERITE Adds the ‘BOOM’ Factor to Major Promotion


Right there on the footer of the Outdoor Life Magazine website it says, “Written and edited for you, the lover of the outdoors, Outdoor Life magazine captures the essence of the outdoor experience.” To us at TANNERITE Binary Exploding Targets, ‘the essence of the outdoor experience’ is founded upon near sensory-overload of sight, sound, feel, smell and taste. The sight and sound of a direct hit; feel of percussion in the air; smell of a freshly fired round; and the sweet taste of victory…

To that, we’ve partnered with Outdoor Life Magazine to bring you the Outdoor Life BIG BANG Tannerite Giveaway. By design, TANNERITE Binary Exploding Targets are dynamic. Truth told, you’d be hard pressed to film a boring video of a direct hit. With that said, we know there are some Super creative types out there who can turn sharpshooting with TANNERITE into a real event – something clever, something spectacular, something worth capturing on film.

And the reward for producing such an unforgettable flick is, well, more TANNERITE for your personal inventory. The winner will receive a one-year supply of TANNERITE (up to a $450.00 value).

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