Backwoods Life Proudly Uses Ozonics for Success


Backwoods Life and the ground-breaking company Ozonics, will team up for season 10 of their popular outdoor television show. Ozonics is an innovative company that took scent control to another level by developing the first and only in-the-field ozone generator. Ozonics is a small machine that puts out scent-destroying ozone to cover your scent. Wind direction is one of the most important factors to consider when finding a stand to hunt. With Ozonics you can now choose the your favorite location, regardless of wind direction and let Ozonics cover your scent. “With Ozonics I don’t have to worry about the wind direction. This machine is quiet, easy to use and it gets the job done.  My first hunt with Ozonics was a great success with a high 140 class buck that came in straight down wind for a shot.” says show host Michael Lee. For more information about Ozonics, please visit .

Season 10 of Backwoods Life will kick off in the summer of 2014 on Sportsman Channel (US) and Wild TV (Canada).  More information is available on Backwoods Life at, on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and various other social networks.

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