Freedom Munitions’ Support Grows For 2014 MGM Jr. Shooter Camps


The MGM Junior Shooter Camp series is excited to thank returning sponsor, FREEDOM MUNITIONS for their increased generosity for the 2014 season. Last year Freedom Munitions supplied 12,000 rounds of .223 ammo for the campers to use at The MGM Junior Pistol Camp’s Intro To Rifle class. This year in addition to their donation to the pistol camp, Freedom is providing .223 ammo for the campers at the MGM 3-Gun Junior Camps in Idaho and West Virginia. THANK YOU FREEDOM!

Developed by MGM Targets owners Mike and Rhonda Gibson, the MGM Junior Shooter Camps provide unique opportunities for a select group of 120 kids from all over the country. Prospective campers must complete an application including a one-page essay. Returning campers must complete 40 hours of “pay it forward” community service time and an essay about ‘What effect did your service have on the person you helped and how did this experience impact you?’

Shooters must also know range commands and be comfortable shooting on the clock and under the instruction of an RO. This will allow the instructors to focus on teaching intermediate and advanced skills.

MGM Targets is proud to be the official target supplier of 3-Gun Nation.

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