US Team Selected for World Archery Field Championships


The U.S. Team for the World Archery Field Championships in Zagreb, Croatia has been selected. The Team Trials held today at the Blaschke Exotic Deer Farm followed two days of intense competition at the U.S. National Field Championships.

The U.S. Team will benefit from the experience of archery veterans in Zagreb, including three Olympic medalists and several compound and barebow world champions. The American squad will also feature a brother-sister duo in Nathan and Karissa Yamaguchi, and a mother-daughter pair in Charlene and Miriam Trafford.

Congratulations to all of the archers who were selected following today’s Team Trials, listed below. Photos from the event may be found at USA Archery’s Facebook Page, courtesy of the Texas Field Archery Association, who hosted the event.

World Team Trials

Recurve Men
1 Brady Ellison
2* Jake Kaminski
2*Vic Wunderle
*tied in total points

Recurve Women
1 Heather Koehl
2 Alison Eaton
3 Chelsea Obrebski

Compound Men
1 Jesse Broadwater
2 Steve Anderson
3 Dave Cousins

Compound Women
1 Jamie Van Natta
2 Hunter Jackson
3 Kit Flick

Barebow Men
1 John Demmer, III
2 Ben Rogers
3 Alan Eagleton
Barebow Women
1 Jennifer Stoner
2 Laurie Robinson
3 Charlene Trafford

Recurve Jr. Men
1 Colin Klimitchek
2 Nathan Yamaguchi
3 Gus Braendle
Recurve Jr. Women
1 Karissa Yamaguchi
2 Miriam Trafford
3 Elizabeth Haynes

Compound Jr. Men
1 Hunter Barthels
2 Josh Kim
3 Justin Dixon

Compound Jr. Women
1 Emily Fischer
2 Alexis Seibert
3 Karen Lindsey Smith

Barebow Jr. Men
1 Coltin Lopez
2 Ryland Hartman
3 Daniel Schell
Barebow Jr. Women
1 Madison Stevens
2 Megan Frerich

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