Whitetails: From Ground to Gun Released as an eBook


Neil and Craig Dougherty’s bestselling book, Whitetails: From Ground to Gun, is now available as an eBook. The book has been widely acclaimed as “revolutionizing deer hunting”. “Everywhere we went we heard from tech savvy hunters asking for an e-version, so we got busy and converted it to a Kindle version that will work on all kinds of devices”, Craig Dougherty said.

The book is widely acclaimed as a ground breaking treatise on how big bucks interact with their environment and how to hunt them. Brian Murphy, one of the leading whitetail authorities in the nation and CEO of QDMA, is calling Ground to Gun “a monumental leap into a new era of whitetail knowledge. He referred to the book as “the next frontier in the QDM movement”… The book”provides detailed insight into what makes a great hunting property and how to consistently harvest mature bucks (it)…..is a clear roadmap for QDM success”. No wonder there is a demand for an e-version.

The book is organized into two parts: Part I “The Land Connection” focuses on the relationship between land and white-tailed deer. It examines how deer use land and how to create outstanding whitetail properties. Part II “Mature Deer and How to Hunt Them”, provides unique insights into mature buck behavior and how to hunt them. The book’s 12 chapters (272 pages) are loaded with insights into how to think like a deer and how to consistently grow, hunt, and take mature bucks in heavily hunted areas. New, breakthrough information on the whitetail rut is a highlight of the book, as well as hundreds of proven tips, tactics, and illuminating photos.

The Kindle eBook price is $9.99 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JV4FHQ8. For one week only, the Dougherty’s will include a special companion e-book (Build a Better Deer Property, Quick Tips and Tactics from NorthCountry Whitetails) FREE. Purchasers can get the free book by sending their Kindle proof of purchase receipt to [email protected] by 5-25 and you will receive a free PDF of the bonus book.

The NorthCountry Whitetails’ father-son team is comprised of two of the most knowledgeable experts in the country. Together they have over 60 years of experience working in the deer hunting industry. Their books and DVD’s are widely acclaimed for their easy to follow “how to” information and insight into deer property and hunting mature deer. Neil is a professional wildlife manager who has created hundreds of world class whitetail hunting properties. He specialized in small property management and currently has over 300,000 acres under his watchful eye. Craig has been a staple of the hunting industry, for almost 40 years and works with numerous conservation organizations, hunting companies, and media outlets.

Why the new book? Craig sums it up simply, “We are on the cusp of a new era of whitetail hunting. The questions have changed and so have the answers. And, the guys asking them want their answers in a hurry, on an iPhone, iPad, Android, or some other quick access, portable device.”

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