Left-Handed STAR Rifle Stocks Now Available in Remington 700 Long Actions


Sisk Rifles now offers the STAR (Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle) stock for left-handed shooters in Remington 700 long actions (and all their clones). Lefties, you may be only 10% of the population, but you still need a rifle stock. Righties? Have you ever watched a leftie work a ‘normal’ action? Rifle maker, Charlie Sisk, thinks that’s barbaric-making them do that–and too slow. So he has adapted his already very adaptable STAR rifle stock to accommodate this neglected bunch of guys! All it takes is 2 screws, to fit your favorite old-or brand new-Rem 700 action (and all of its clones) into the best fitting stock you’ll ever have.

The complete STAR rifle stock is now available for left-handed Remington 700 long actions(and all their clones) for $1395.

Complete left- and right-handed rifles are available, built to order, for $6495.

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