Archer Xtreme Is in the Driver’s Seat


Archer Xtreme has taken the archery industry by storm with its innovative accessories built to never before seen levels of quality.  In fact, the company is well known by the most hardcore bowhunters for taking every measure to build the lightest and strongest archery accessories on the planet – and it has done it yet again with its Arc Extreme Driver – 1 Pin bow sight.  This advanced single pin sight is as tough as you are and is ready for even the most extreme adventure into the woods.  The A.X. Driver – 1 Pin sight allows you to dial in your flat shooting bow to a specific distance giving you unmatched accuracy.

Archer Xtreme has built its reputation on a foundation of craftsmanship utilizing the highest quality materials and components available.  Before you set out for that hardcore backcountry hunt, you need to set up your gear to be as rugged and lightweight as possible while still maintaining pin point accuracy.  This is the core philosophy of AXT and every one of its products is built to meet your most extreme needs.  The company continues this tradition with the A.X. Driver – 1 Pin sight.  It is machined from a solid piece of 6061 T6 aluminum giving it the perfect combination of light weight and superior strength.

The A.X. Driver – 1 Pin features full 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment capabilities for enhanced accuracy regardless of your shooting position or target location.  You can go right from a target competition to a whitetail treestand to a rocky hillside sheep hunt and the A.X. Driver – 1 Pin will lead the way on every shot.  This isn’t your grandpa’s pin sight.  The A.X. Driver has more adjustments than some bows do but don’t be intimidated.  It’s simple to adjust and set to your specific needs.  And once you get it where you want it, you won’t have to worry about a few bumps and jolts knocking it out of zero.  AXT products are built for the most extreme conditions and the A.X. Driver – 1 Pin is up for any challenge.

Archer Xtreme includes a Micro LED sight in the Driver for increased visibility at dusk and dawn or anytime you are shooting in low light.  The red two-inch HD Sight Ring ensures a torque-free sight alignment to the peep sight for increased accuracy and also includes a built in bubble level to further guarantee shot to shot consistency.  The HD Sight Rings are even interchangeable and available in different colors.

The AXT Driver – 1 Pin Sight is offered in anodized Blackout with red accents and is convertible for right- or left-handed archers.

For more information on the new Archer Xtreme A.X. Driver – 1 Pin sight or Archer Xtreme’s full selection of high-performance sights, quivers, stabilizers and archery accessories, please contact: Archer Xtreme at P.O. Box 328 Belgrade, MT 59714. · Telephone: (406) 924-6113 · Or visit

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