HECS Stealthscreen Unleashes New Website


HECS STEALTHSCREEN of John Day, Oregon, makers of hunting clothing that blocks your electrical energy field so game won’t sense you, has invested in upgrading their website to demonstrate the in-the-field effectiveness of their product.

The HECS website has been restructured with a new look and updated messaging. The videos have been updated and the shopping experience has become more fluid.

“All one has to do is visit our website to see in-the-field evidence of hunters getting closer than ever to game while keeping animals in an undisturbed state. It is a distinct advantage given to hunters when using HECS technology. We are very proud of the look and feel of the new website and we believe it will help customers to better understand exactly what this new technology will do for them in the field. ”, says Mike Slinkard, president of HECS.

It is scientifically accepted that all living things produce an electric energy field through muscle movement and beating of the heart. HECS produces hunting clothing that incorporates a carbon fiber conductive grid in the fabric to block your electrical energy field. Stopping this energy signal circumvents an animal’s sixth sense and adds a distinct new advantage never before available.

For more information on HECS STEALTHSCREEN please contact Mike Slinkard at 541-575-4327 or visit www.HECSllc.com.

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