OL’ Man Outdoors Releases BowLite Ladder Stand


Do you spend countless hours sitting in your uncomfortable treestand waiting for that one moment to arrow a deer? No need to spend all of that time in discomfort when you can hunt comfortably from the BowLite ladder stand from OL’ Man Outdoors. In the BowLite ladder stand, you’ll be able to sit motion- and pain-free for hours, reducing the chance of spooking deer because you’re too uncomfortable to sit still.

OL’ Man Outdoors has been in the treestand business for more than 30 years, making the “Best of the Best” treestands on the market. The BowLite, 15-foot ladder stand has a low-profile, slim ladder that easily slides together and locks using Teflon locking nuts for safety. The slim ladder makes it lightweight and easy to move, yet sturdy and reliable with a wider ladder base that ensures a sturdy climb.

Great for the avid hunter, this steel stand weighs in at only 45 pounds and boasts a large platform measuring 17 ½ inches wide by 24 inches deep. For added stability, a third point of contact has been added to the platform by extending the foot platform to where it will contact the tree as well. A 21-inch-wide ComforTech seat provides superior comfort all day long.

Affordably priced, the BowLite ladder stand is a great addition to any hunter’s rotation of stands. As with all OL’Man treestands, the BowLite ladder stand comes with ratchet straps, a full-body harness and the ComforTech seat to give you safety and comfort all in one stand.

For more information about this and additional OL’ MAN products, check out www.olmanoutdoors.com.

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