This Week on AR-15 Podcast – the Rifle Carried by America’s Soldiers


Reed Snyder is flying solo for this Memorial Day edition of the AR-15 Podcast. A veteran himself of America’s famed Marine Corps, it is fitting he give listeners an overview history of the rifles of the American infantry. How did we get to the modern infantry rifle? What’s the relation to everyone’s favorite black rifle?

Reed begins with at the point in history when cartridge fed rifles became the norm, and starts with the model 1873 Trapdoor Springfield rifle. While this is not the first cartridge fed rifle, Reed explains that this overview begins here because this was the first American rifle designed to be cartridge fed, rather than retro fitted at a later date.

Next, Reed covers the next technological advantage of the cartridge rifle and how it affected the evolution of the rifle–the brass casing. Prior to that, many of the rifles utilized copper. Reed takes us through the differences and why Uncle Sam ultimately made the switch.

Eventually, he gets to the modern era with the iconic rifles like the M-14 and the M-16. How were they different from their predecessors? Why did the military go from a full sized battle round, to a mid range cartridge? Specifically, he covers some of the practical advantages of the cartridge fired rifle, and what it meant for the projection of American military power.

Additionally, Reed goes over some of the finer details of the rifle giveaway. Tune in to ensure your eligibility to win the rifle giveway sponsored by Brownell’s! Listen to the entire episode at

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