Rocky Introduces SilentHunter Footwear for 2014


Stealth is the one attribute that hunters value most, which is why Rocky was inspired to create the SilentHunter collection, boots with minimalist outsoles for silent stalking in the field.

“The SilentHunter collection allows the hunter to feel what’s under his feet like never before thanks to Vibram minimalist outsoles,” said Sam Bowman, Brand Manger for Rocky. “These boots add another advantage for the hunter: being able to feel, not look, below them while in pursuit.”

Inspired by the Vibram minimalist concept, the SilentHunter outsole is lightweight and designed to keep the hunter in touch with the ground beneath him.

Also included in the boots are a foam footbed for all-day comfort, and Climate IQ waterproof protection and scent control.

The SilentHunter collection includes an oxford style and 10-inch and 16-inch pull-on styles for spring 2014 with suggested retail prices ranging from $104.99 to $119.99. For fall 2014, the collection also includes 14-inch pull-ons, chukkas, six-inch and nine-inch hikers with prices ranging from $89.99 to $149.99.

Available camo patterns include Realtree Xtra and Mossy Oak Infinity.

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