The product design team at Carbon Express understands that in the field of target archery, the difference between victory and defeat is measured in mere millimeters. So, accuracy and precision are prized above all.

The technology behind target arrow design continues to evolve to meet this need. Superior engineering dictates the best shots in the field and Carbon Express continues to lead the way. With a relentless drive to design the best arrows year after year, Carbon Express — the world’s leading manufacturer of premium target arrows — is now introducing the next revolutionary generation of target arrows engineered to help everyone Shoot Better.

Carbon Express has upped the ante with its latest design. Specifically engineered for today’s competitive recurve bows, the Nano-Pro X-Treme features their smallest diameter target arrow yet, plus multi-spine shaft construction engineered to deliver pinpoint accuracy. The parallel shaft design has three distinct spines with the stiffest section being in the mid-area and the weakest spine positioned at the back end of the shaft. This allows for ideal fletching clearance through the cushion plunger and the arrow rest. Unlike aluminum core arrows, the Nano-Pro X-Treme will not take a set (permanent) bend. Their 46-ton carbon construction ensures that these arrows will hold their initial spine tolerance and deliver unparalleled precision season after season.

“In long-distance field shooting, accuracy is not enough — not for Carbon Express,” said Rob Eastman, CEO of Carbon Express. “We weren’t satisfied until we had engineered the answer to pinpoint accuracy. The Nano-Pro X-Treme grew from visionary shaft design and while it’s incredibly light, it also recovers faster out of the bow and delivers the flattest trajectory for superior down range accuracy.”

Nano-Pro X-Treme arrow specs:

  • Advanced technology, extreme accuracy
  • Straightness:  0.0015”
  • Weight tolerance:   1.0 grains.
  • Spine selection tolerance:  0.002”
  • MSRP: $369.99/Dozen

Image courtesy Carbon Express

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